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Helene Smith

On March 3, 2023, the Art Ensemble Of Chicago album titled Les Stances a Sophie from 1970 was reissued on 1000 vinyl copies. On May 28, 1969, four American musicians - reed / wind players Roscoe Mitchell, Joseph Jarman, bassist Malachi Favors and (accompanied by his wife, singer Fontella Bass) trumpeter Roscoe Mitchell - boarded the ocean liner S.S. United States, bound for Le Havre in France. After landing five days later, they traveled to Paris, where they got to work. Moshe Mizrahi's seminal film, Les Stances à Sophie, remained virtually invisible until its reissue in 2008. The disc, a thrilling and eminently listenable combination of soul, classical and jazz strains that survives as the most diverse album stylistically from the Art Ensemble of Chicago, has long been admired by a devoted cult. Its durability is largely due to the popularity of its “hit”: Over the years, “Theme de Yoyo” has been covered several times. Le 3 mars 2023, l'album de la formation Art Ensemble Of Ch
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Don Blackman

On April 11, 2023, over 2 years after King Von / Dayvon Daquan Bennett's death, a four-hour long documentary (on Patreon, the You Tube version is 3h30) titled King Von: Rap's First Serial Killer was re-released on Youtube by the filmmaker Trap Lore Ross, in which it was alleged that Bennett had been a serial killer who was involved in at least ten murders, including the murders of P5, Modell, Malcolm Stuckey and Gakirah "K.I." Barnes. Bennett had been acquitted for the murder of Stuckey while he was alive and was concluded by Chicago authorities to be responsible for the murder of Barnes in 2021. In addition to the ten murders he was alleged to be the perpetrator of, he was also documented as the mandator to several other gang-related murders. According to the documentary, Bennett's primary motive to commit murder initially was a result of gang disputes, but later were simply done for thrill. The documentary was praised by many, but was taken down from YouTube fol